Mid-sleep awake detection


I’m often awake for an our or so with a young child during the night. Sleep only ever detects this period as REM rather than awake, therefore incorrectly reporting sleep duration etc. Anything I can do to improve accuracy, or maybe edit this afterwards?


Hello, are you on the BETA track? Can you please install the latest BETA as we did a lot improvements in awake detection… but in general:

Sleep actigraphy (the technique we use for sleep tracking) is great at telling deep sleep from light sleep, but it is not that great in recognizing awake time when you are not moving from deep sleep. For that we use different heuristics and in many cases we need your help. This is why we have the pausing feature. You can configure it to add another 5 minutes just by flipping the phone. Any pausing time is subtracted from the overall sleep time and thus contributes to the sleep deficit.

The heuristics we use include various awake detection techniques which can be configured in Settings > Sleep tracking > Awake…

We have implemented automatic awake detection based on significant awake-like movements. This works very well with a wearable, but if you are using a phone in bed you would need to take your phone to the bathroom with you for example. Than we have awake detection when there is light in the room, heart rate is high - wearable is need for that. When someone is talking in the room or phone is being use…

Of course most of the technique are far from ideal for a typical insomniac case when laying down in the bed trying to sleep. We did not yet fully cracked this problem.

Please see more on this topic here:


Yes, I confirm that the detection is not optimal.
Here’s my chart for example:

So I woke up at about 2:30 to go to the bathroom. I’ve switched on the light, left the phone on the mattress. After coming back I’ve read a little and pushed the “Pause” button only one time.

You can see that:

  1. It records a LOT of other awakenings.
  2. the actual awakening is very short whereas I was awaken for 10 minutes maybe.

I’ve bought a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and am looking forward to receiving it. I’ll see the results with that.