Microsoft Authenticator as an approved app and fingerprint request

Hello Urbandroids :slight_smile:

I am using Microsoft Authenticathor as an approved app.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Prerequisites:
    Microsoft email account with 2FA using Microsoft Authenticathor, for example, email passwordless.
    Android phone ( tested using Samsung A51 5g)

  • Start a new Digital Detox time.

  • Go to and try to sign

  • request to send an approval to Microsoft Authenticathor

  • Click send approval

  • A request is received in the mobile phone

  • The user is able to approve the request in the Microsoft Authenticathor app

  • The mobile phone click approve, ask for the fingerprint

  • The Digital Detox app appears and the user is not able to continue the 2FA

Please, can you tell me if there is a solution for that?

Many thanks in advance!