Mi Band extra alarm

Hi everyone,

I’d like to ask for an advice on a weird issue I’m having with the app while using it with Mi Band 4.

The issue is that whenever an alarm is set in the Sleep As Android app, the alarm is then duplicated in Mi Band’s own alarm feature.

Since the app causes the band to vibrate during its alarm independendly of Mi Band’s own alarm system, this behavior is somewhat useless. It wouldn’t be a problem if not for the fact that the phone clock is never in perfect sync with the band. There’s usually a discrepancy of ~1 minute.

So what happens is that whenever the time of wakeup occurs, first the standalone alarm on the Mi Band fires off. I turn it off, then the alarm in the app triggers, so I’m getting two alarms back to back.

The biggest problem is when I want to use snooze, which becomes an absolute nightmare with the duplicate alarm. Snoozing also sets an extra useless alarm in the band system, causing the phone to spam alarms 1 minute apart every time. I often cannot get a proper snooze because of this and can keep trying to sleep for hours on end, being woken up every few minutes.

After setting an alarm in the application, I can actually go to the settings on the band and disable its alarm there, though it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it will just set the alarm right back, so I need to check on it after a minute or so. Note that this does not prevent Sleep As Android from vibrating the band when it rings the alarm (which is what I want).

So the question is, is there any way to prevent Sleep As Android from setting an alarm on the band itself? I want the app to only set an alarm in itself, vibrating the band, but not set an additional alarm on the band.

If this is relevant, I’m also using Notify for Mi Band for integration purpose.

Best regards.