Mi band 6 not vibbrating

I had a mi band 4 and 2 days ago I bought the mi band 6. With the 4, it would vibrate to wake me up, but the 6 does nothing.
I have the latest beta.

Hi Ana!

I’m curious, do you have any success since your post?
Does the MI Band 6 vibrate with SAA or still no luck?

Hello, I conferm that Mi band 6 doesn’t vibrate with sleep as android.

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Hello, many thanks, in general this isn’t Sleep as Android functionality. Sleep as Android has a Wearable integration API where we send the command to start the alarm:

In case of Mi Band we rely on apps like Tools & Mi Band and Notify & Fitness which implement our API and do all the heavy lifting - talking to Mi Bands. They have a very hard job as Mi Bands do not have any APIs - they need to sniff raw BT communication and reverse engineer everything. So it is no wonder if something does not work 100%…

Anyway which of the two apps are you using?

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Hello, are you using the MiFit native app? The latest firmware on the MiBand broke some features in the Notify integration (including some types of vibrations). The only reliable solution so far is to use the Notify app without the MiFit installed. The Notify developer, Matteo, send us these instructions:

" yes new mi band (and also some amazfit models) firmware has many limitations and the only way to get all features working is to remove official app.
Removing official app requires the auth key code
there are two way to get the authkey code:

  1. using a modded version of official app which save the auth key code (like freemyband.com)
  2. using the login procedure available on notify app (much easier) to get the authkey by using xiaomi/amazfit account credentials (procedure hosted on freemyband.com as well)
    I recommend solution n.2 because is much easier, no need to install any modded apk"
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Thanks for your answer!

I tried SAA on the MI Band 6 with both the Notify and the Tools apps.
SAA cannot make the MI Band 6 vibrate when I choose Wearables / MI Band / Tools & MI Band or Notify.
(From the MI Fit app, Notify app and the Tools & MI Band app, the vibration works fine on the MI Band 6, it just doesn’t work from SAA.)

I also emailed Matteo, he wrote me too that the new firmware on MI Band 6 is the cause of the problem with SAA.