Mi Band 3 Vibrates for a Very Short Peroid On Alarm

Detailed description of the problem:
I have been a user of sleep like Android for the past 3 years and I have loved it to death! Recently, I have been attempting use my wearable to wake via vibration. Unfortunately, it would seem that on my Android device (OnePlus 6) using the Mi Band 3, I will only get about 1 minute of vibrations before the band will cease to vibrate indefinitely. I have no alternative Mi Band apps on my phone - only the MiFit app.

Steps to reproduce:
Set an alarm to any time of your choosing. Select silent as the phone alarm sound, the phones vibration delay to a random value, the wearable’s delay to no delay, and the alarm delay to a random value.

When the alarm goes off, notice how the band will vibrate only for a few moments, before “self silencing.”

Version of Sleep as Android:

Hello, honestly I don’t know how this even works in the first place. As without any app with integrates with our Wearable API there is no alarm on your Mi Band… https://sleep.urbandroid.org/documentation/developer-api/wearable-integration-api/

So you either need Tools & Mi Band or Notify & Fitness to make this work…

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Huh, I suppose that is strange. Thank you for sharing - I’ll install one of the apps below and see if the issue self-repairs. Thank you for your quick response!