Mi Band 2 - Lucid Dream Cues not working

i want to use sleep as android in combination with my mi band 2 to learn lucid dreaming.
the problem here is, that the feature is not working like it should. i first thought that i just didn’t remember / recognize the vibrations of the lucid cues in my sleep, but i got the lucid cue now while being awake and… it’s just weird. in sleep as android i did set up a specific vibration setting for the lucid dream feature, but my mi band 2 is just vibration a SINGLE time REALLY REALLY WEAK so i can’t feel it inside the dream. i can barelly feel it while awake because it’s that weak & short. and what ever i configurate inside the settings, its still the short and weak single vibration…even if i set up another vibration pattern for the lucid cues. it seems like sleep as android ignores his own settings… it’s really annoying. i did tried it now for like 2 weeks to get it working, but every time it’s not working. i do stuff like Reality Checks for lucid dreaming etc… and it’s not a problem on my side, it’s just that the feature is not working like it should. so… what i do wrong? why is sleep as android ignoring his own settings menu? why can’t i change this short & weak vibration i can’t even feel right while still awake? what’s the matter? :confused:

greetings from germany.

Hello, we’re actually just sending a message to Mi Band Tools that it should do a lucid dreaming cue.
We do not control exactly what will Mi Band Tools instruct the MiBand to do.
It would be great if you contacted the Mi Band Tools developer directly with this issue since only he can do anything about it.