Mi Band 2 heart rate monitor and Sleep Phaser don't work together

I have an issue when I’m using both the Sleep Phase and the Mi Band 2 heart rate monitor - the heart rate isn’t being transferred to Sleep as Android, even though I’ve installed Mi Band Tools and enabled heart rate monitoring with an interval of 2 minutes.

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Hello @Kaishiyoku, sorry about that, you’re right, we don’t support tracking with Sleep Phaser and a wearable together.
However there is a workaround - you can connect Mi Fit to Samsung Health, and turn on Samsung Health integration in Sleep as Android, and we’ll sync the heart rate data every morning.

@jiri-urbandroid how do I connect with Samsung Health? I only found Google Fit.

@jiri-urbandroid , will this work with the Gear Fit 2, as well? This may be just the solution that I was looking for to use the wearable for heartrate monitoring and the phone for sonar.

On a somewhat related note, would it be possible to force the phone to use the internal speaker and mic for sonar rather than the current default (which could be bluetooth or the headphone jack). I was getting some really strange results when testing Sonar the other night and it turned out that sonar was trying to use my headphones. Tho now I have definitive proof that there’s more going on between my ears than people give me credit for!! :smiley: (yes, I know it doesn’t work that way… lol).

Hi @jiri-urbandroid, is there any change to the status of this request, or any plans to fix this in the near future? I have the same issue as @Kaishiyoku - I own both a StressLocator Oximeter and a Sleep Phaser, and it’s very disappointing that I can’t use data from both. The primary reason I got the phaser was to use both devices in conjunction. Without heart rate data, the phaser by itself isn’t that accurate in sleep cycle detection, and I also lose the ability to view the pulse ox graph.