Merging graphs

From Cagatay on 2016/03/17 23:23:08 +0000

I often use “terminate tracking” option when I turn off an alarm. But after turning off the alarm, I often decide to sleep a bit more and set another alarm and start a new tracking. I know it’s against the purpose, but anyway, in the end I have many graphs in a day, but they’re actually showing one sleep (e.g. three graphs 00:00-08:00, 08:01-08:15, 08:15-08:20). I’d be happy if merging two (or more) subsequent graphs was possible. If there is a time gap between two graphs, it can be considered as being awake.

Copied from original feature request:

sometimes accidentally pressing stop instead of snooze. Also short duration sleep record does not calculate deep sleep,efficiency, etc, right?
maybe to automatically merge 2 or more graphs if the time gap is less than several minutes.

I second this. The option to merge records with the gaps flagged as Awake would be excellent.

I guess it would be easy to implement. Any word from the devs?

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Hello @Maremae … in my vuiew this is only a matter of presentation and we are in fact already merging graphs… you can see them on the dashboard one after each other with aggregated stats… the same goes for the stats screen…

And of course in all stats graphs for the same day are merged together…

It still would be better if merged, like here it should be all in one like it is on Google fit.

I had to stop and start again because it kept turning the sound of my phone down and I need stories to sleep, I tried removing the lullaby time out but didn’t work…