Massive Amount of sleep cycles

I measure 9-12 sleep cycles each night. I am new to sleep tracking (around a week now). My phone is a MotoG4 (using actigraphy) and I am using a polar M7 belt for heart rate measuring during sleep tracking.
Is this normal?

Forgot to mention: I do share a bed with my wife but when she was on business travel the other day sleeping data was showing exactly the same.


Please excuse me pushing this message. I wonder if anyone can help me on this?

I might add that even though I use HR Belt Sleep as Android cannot see when I am awake in the night.

Hello Rembert,

I believe there’s nothing to worry about.

I’m averaging 12 cycles per night as you can see on my stats.

I do suffer from free running sleep (Non 24 Sleep Wake Syndrome) though, but I doubt that has anything to do since in essence my sleep quality is normal. Just mistimed.

I did an actigraphy test for two months (using a SOMNOwatch), which showed about the same number of cycles. My neurologist didn’t mention this as an issue, so I guess there’s nothing to worry about.

Since you’re sharing a bed it might be ideal to invest in a wearable like the Mi Band 2/3.

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