Mark an alarm as not for sleep / non-sleep alarm

Would it be possible to add an option in alarm settings to mark an alarm as not a sleep alarm? For example, a daily alarm to take medicine?

So that:

  • bedtime ignores this alarm
  • sleep tracking ignores this alarm
  • stats ignore this alarm

The reasons I would like this are:

  • easier to keep all alarms in one app
  • prefer sleep as android’s alarm sounds
  • sleep as android has better snooze and volume customisation than other apps and I would like to use this in my other alarms

thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, I support that. I’m a new user of SAA and am disappointed to find out that all alarms are sleep/wake alarms. The idea of schedule/appointment alarms is not present. Would be great just to mark a new alarm as having nothing at all to do with sleep; no recording, no analysis, no deficit calculations… Just make the alarm go off at the appointed day/time.