Manually configure locations

From Juhani Toivonen on 2015/10/24 09:59:51 +0000

While the current behaviour for location tagging may work for most people, I would love to have an option to manually override which location Sleep as Android thinks is my home. I would also like to give names to other places where I sleep.

I sleep most of my nights away from home, and the default algorithm is just not converging to consider my home as my home.

For the home-part the UI could be as simple as a “Make this your home” on a sample’s options menu.

For the more general part, it could be a simple “Name this location”, or providing a list of locations under options with entries like “Near Second street, City; You last slept here 3 days ago.” (reverse geocoding: and allowing the user to attach names to the entries.

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From Alessandro Tondo on 2017/02/06 23:20:37 +0000

@Petr, of course, but it is also really annoying to reset it if you stay every week in three different places…

The best would be if the app could store the location when the QR code has been scanned. As said, also manual settings would be fine, or at least an automatic multi-home feature, instead of the 19th-century-minded-single-home location…

From Petr Nálevka on 2016/11/10 11:21:26 +0000

+Taylor please note that the latest BETA has a feature where you can reset the home location after you move, this is settings-misc…

From Taylor Blews on 2016/10/26 19:41:15 +0000

I want to underline how important this is. If this isn't addressed, I will have to stop using the app, and change my review.

It's totally ridiculous to have the home location be automatic, I don't know why you're married to that idea. It doesn't add any functionality for us as end users at all. The only thing it does is add a period after a move where our alarm setup is broken, while the app struggles to figure things out. Or worse, for people like me who split our nights evenly between two or more locations, we can't use the home feature at all.

Let us set our own home location! It only needs to be one button

From Juhana Heino on 2015/11/28 12:14:20 +0000

I have the exact same situation with you. The app thinks a hotel is my home and geoSomenumber is then my home.

It is also simpler to identify in the stats. Geo#x says nothing while naming the location may have an impact on my hotel selection if I travel for work to one destination regularly but keep on changing hotels.

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I just spent a couple of nights at Geo2. Nice change from my usual Geo1, but not as fun as the occasional Geo3. I expect to enjoy Geo4 next week, though.

Seriously, the location system is utterly broken for us people who move around quite a bit. I love the app, but why there is no way to rename those “GeoX” is beyond me, and extremely frustrating.

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I just wish I could set my home location once and for all.
It is highly annoying, that it changes my home location automatically once I am away from home for more than a week. For me, location tags are useless in this state.

Please! Allow us to set a manual “home” location, it can’t be that hard. A lot of users move around frequently, and we don’t have a QR code to scan every time we wake up.

Please just allow a feature to set our home location manually. “Resetting” our home location is not enough, as we could change location many times a week but want 1 location as our home.

I’d like to also add that I don’t use the “sleep tracking” feature, I just use this app for alarms with captchas. So my #home will NEVER be set. This is extremely frustrating. Please let us manually set a home. It’s so bizarre that that wasn’t the first implementation.