Manually Add/Edit Sleep Records

Is it possible to manually add sleep records?

I realize that a manually added record would lack data on sleep phases, snoring, etc., but it would allow for more accurate tracking of the amount of sleep, which would in turn make the running sleep surplus/deficit stats more meaningful. This would be useful, for example, when a person forgets to track sleep with the app.

Also, is it possible to add sleep to an existing sleep record?

Last night, I slept 3 hours in a recliner, and then went to bed. The sleep record looks like I had a 2-hour deficit, but if I could edit the record to add the sleep in the recliner, it would show a surplus of 1 hour.


Hello Tom, sure, please just use the (+ Add sleep) button in the graph list or under sleep score or the (+ Add sleep) shortcut…