Make the playlist or alarm sound title easier to see

From Janis Froehlig on 2015/11/15 03:58:35 +0000

I’m using SAA exclusively now thanks to Tasker easy-peasy integration. Thank you!!!

I have but one beef. I have probably a couple/three thousand music files (I got a BA in it) on my devices, and when I want to edit an alarm playlist, I have to scroll until the cows come home (they don’t on their own, they stand there like dope-heads… so that’s a long time) to see what files I’m using as alarm tones.

If the sound files in use could just be listed at the top, or some other interface change on that, I could much more easily determine which tune (or eliminating one @.@) will be marching through my head, influencing my Psyche, all day.

(P.S. Using a sound file as an/alarm is a great way to learn it if you reinforce/re-listen to it a couple of times during the day.)

Copied from original feature request:

From Alex on 2017/05/07 17:47:20 +0000

This would help

From Nathan Gove on 2017/03/01 09:02:58 +0000

Yes! And display the track title that's playing when the alarm is playing!

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