Make online radio available as AUTOMATIC lullaby

Idea is pretty straight forward. You can choose from system lyllabies to start automatically when starting sleeptracking.

You can also choose online radio as an alarm.

Let’s join these forces of magnificient fall-asleep-and-wake-up-awesomely-weapons and make the online radio also available as automatic lullaby - because we’ve all heard those wales way to often by now…

Thanks and vote pls thx

Currently, I can’t seem to locate the regular on-board (plus add-on) official lullabies so it will choose and fire up “Pink Noise” as soon as I start tracking. I have to do it manually now. It still has a check box to “start automatically” but there’s no place to choose which one to start unless you pre-start a lullaby, or do it after tracking starts. It’s apparently not saving your choice of lullaby. Actually, there is a plus sign next to “online radio” and you can choose “Sleep Pill” (which is totally awesome, BTW) or whichever, but I can’t pre-choose Pink Noise or whichever one anymore. I used to have Windy Walk pre-selected, and I liked the Pink Noise better, but I can’t pre-select it to “start automatically.” Probably just a temporary beta buglet. Just wanted to let folks know - OR I’m missing something. If so, please advise. Thanks. It’s way past my bedtime. I want to win this bet! Goodnight from California, USA. :sleeping:

My problem has been fixed. Thank you.