Make compatible with other apps

From Lauren on 2015/01/21 18:57:25 +0000

To make compatible with the My fitness pal app so I can see how certain food, alcohol and different exercises effect my sleep.

Copied from original feature request:

Especially with caffeine for me.

Right now I limit myself to 1 cup coffee in the morning. Do I need to?

I’d wish I could experiment and the app could give me an analysis of my sleep on different amounts of coffee and at different times.

There are many things that could affect sleep.

I would pay extra if the app could analyze which factors affect my sleep and how.

Imagine if the app could tell me that on days I drink more than 3 cups of coffee I fall asleep 21 minutes later on average or something like that.

You can already do this using tags. Every sleep record has a comment field where you can add tags (words that start with #) which then appear in the sleep charts and statistics, so you can find out correlations and trends.
There are predefined tags and you can also add custom tags, for example #morning_coffee

For you specific use case, there is no way to note the tags before the sleep record is created. So if you want to note the morning coffee, it would have to actually be added in the evening after you start tracking, or the next morning after the sleep track finishes.

Would this be sufficient for you? Integrations like this are often very complicated maintenance-wise so we wouldn’t want to go for it unless there is a big hunger for an integration with one specific app among the Sleep as Android users. We currently support S Health integration which has caffeine and water intake tracking so this would probably be the lowest hanging fruit for these factors.