Main light on/off

I would like to see an fw update to the sleep phaser with the ability to choose on of the three colours available.

So On is set to the light colour chosen by the user, one more press equals Off. Instead of have to go thru all colours.


Yes, and prevent the full-blown white LED to wake me up just before wanting to sleep by blasting a lot of bright light into my eyes.

I would like to only use the orange and red light settings and toggle between those two.

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I am quite disappointed with the way the light has to cycle through the cool white light. It’s good to have for morning alarm purposes but really hurts when used at night. My analogue tungsten touch light is currently superior.

An extended option would be the ability to set all 3 physically accessible colours and brightness levels. Being able to set each one would provide the greatest flexibility and solve both issues IMHO.