Lullaby volume increases too loud

When I active the lullaby feature with online radio or Spotify the volume increases too full level regardless of turning it down.

I.e. I select Spotify and have it turned to about 20% loudness. I leave the phone on my bedside. Suddenly 30 sec later it goddess to ful volume. I turn out down and 30sec later again it goes ful volume. Nothing I try keeps the volume at a respectable level!

It drove me nuts and did absolutely nothing to calm me down for going to sleep!

I set levels in the settings to 20% but that did nothing.


That happens when You are measuring Your sleep with sonar. The app need full volume for sonar.
If You want to hear music, You need to set a timer and make SaA (Sleep as Android) to pause the measurement until the timer has finished.

Hope this helps!


Try to download the radios or podcasts from Spotify via a music converter. So that you can offline listen to the content with a stable volume.