Lullaby tracking

I always use a lullaby to relax me for sleep, it is a great feature, unfortunately I often wake up during the night. A good feature would be for the tracking to detect when you are restless (awake) and then automatically start the lullaby for a predetermined length of time.

I often play lullabies while sleep tracking to help me and my little one fall asleep better. I like this app and use it every night. My only complaint is that the thunderstorm is basically all rain and no thunder :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: I think that your suggestion as to the lullaby tracking option is really useful. Hope to see this feature in the nearest future.

@Kekesala big thanks for your suggestions. At the moment we have the lullaby volume down feature so that if there is significant restlessness during fall asleep we pause the volume reducing task… but once we get to zero we do not revert it any more… I think this feature would be a little dangerous as it could wake up people even when false positives would be really low… maybe we could not stop the current lullaby only mute volume and give you opportunity to quickly get back by touching the volume key…

@FirstSpringFlower Thunder in the storm lullaby is random… but I get quite a lot of it… are you sure it was not just one case issue?