Lullaby stacking sounds multiple times


I work with audio a lot and noticed the thunderstorm lullaby has a weird kind of stacking effect going on with it sometimes. Like if multiple copies are playing at once all very very slightly out of synch. It’s not all the time (I think) but I decided I’d try white noise to see if it was better…

Well it’s actually so much worse. A lot of sounds that rely on a consistent white noise type sound (didn’t test them all) start and then Start and then StaRT and START and it just keeps stacking and getting unbearably loud. I really didn’t want to hear 10 hair dryers all turning on in half second intervals but that’s what I got.

I’m on galaxy s8 if that matters. Closing and restarting the app doesn’t help and over half the lullabies I’m interested in just are too loud and noisey to actually be a lullaby. Turning it down doesn’t help make it sound any less cacophonous either just as a heads up.

Can this be looked into? I’d really like to be able to use all the sounds!


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I am experiencing the same problem. Very frustrating. The app has worked well for years, now lullabies are virtually useless.

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Does the same thing in Mountain Stream, and I have also noticed it in Thunderstorm and white noise. Doesn’t have the increase in sound of stacking running Mountain Stream, but frequently sounds like multiple copies are running at once on start-up, and stopping and restarting is no help. Also has what I can only describe as an extremely annoying electrical buzz or humming sound which dissipates very slowly over 20 mins or so after start-up. This is a rather recent bug, as I’d had no troubles prior to late Aug or early Sept 2020. Samsung J7 Aura. Would really like to have this addressed because the lullabies are useless with this going on.