Lullaby Sound Request (To Aid Lucid Dreaming)


In both the lucid dreaming and ringtone settings, you can listen to a voice that slowly says

“You are dreaming…”

Could you add this sound to Lullaby?

One of the most common lucid dreaming techniques involves repeating a phrase to yourself when falling asleep. By doing so, the idea goes, you have a greater chance of remembering the phrase and realizing that you are asleep.

However, even though you can play this ‘reminder’ so to speak as an alarm and when REM sleep is detected, there is no way to listen to it while falling asleep.

SAA already has some great features for lucid dreaming, and I think adding this sound to lullaby wound be yet another useful addition.


Could you add the “You are dreaming” sound to Lullaby? (And possibly play it irregular intervals?)