Lullaby - Sleep as Android

Plays you a lullaby when you get to bed to help you fall asleep better.

For lullabies, you can use built-in lullabies, your own music, or you can try binaural beats.

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Can better support for Spotify be added, maybe headspace as well. At the moment the app presents Spotify as playlists that you listen to. I don’t usually listen to sleep playlists during the day so I can’t select them. Using Spotify in the lullaby section should either recommend you your playlists or the playlists in the sleep genre surely? And headspace has bedtime meditation+music so adding better support there would be nice. Lastly also better support on Spotify for alarm as Spotify does provide playlists that are oriented towards morning activity same goes for headspace

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Has something changed recently with these? It used to move my favorites to the top of the list, and thus would start the previous used one automatically when I start tracking. It doesn’t do that anymore and it always stays tracking with whale diving. I did swap devices about a week ago, but I don’t recall it having this issue until the past couple of days ago.
Thanks! :blush:

I have the same problem as Logan. It just started after the last update. It makes my Tasker automation worthless. No new device for me.

Glad to see it isn’t just me. I’ll see if I can find a feedback link and bring it up with devs.

Came back to report that I wiped the storage of the app and the lullaby list returned to normal. I’m not sure what the issue was, but that’s a quick (minus reconfiguring) fix.

Thanks for the tip, it worked for me too. I just wish I had thought to backup my data half a second before erasing it, rather than half a second after. :woman_facepalming:t3:

This! Please let us select a specific playlist from Spotify to play when activating sleep tracking, and also a shortcut to select same track quickly.