Lucid Dreams function enhancement

Simple and necessary feature to add:
Lucid dreams -> options -> time active

Sets time when LD function is active.

Right now LD function starts as soon as you enable sleep tracking.
Depending on your notification settings it may not let you fall asleep at all.
Last time I used it it prevented me from deep sleep phase, resulting in me waking up completely tired.

  • time active - select time period when the function is active

better yet:

  • set time after indicated sleep cycles (where 1 cycle is something like 90 minutes) - this option assumes that Sleep as Android can detect sleep cycles properly.

or both

Dreams researchers say that for LD to be best quality the brain must go through some sleep cycles, other words it must rest for little bit. Some say best results starting from 3rd sleep cycle, which is after something like 3 hours of undisturbed sleep. Back to bad method uses 2 cycles as the basis.

Let LD function be intelligent, and only allow it to work when deep phase of sleep is ending.