Lucid dreaming - Sleep as Android

Lucid dreaming alarm cues will play once the app detects you are dreaming (in REM phase).

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This is a cool feature. But I want a vibration on the connected bracelet (mi band 3) to stir me up. Is it possible?

I assume you’ve configured the Mi Band 3 in both the SaA app and in the companion app (I use the Mi Band Tools / Tool & Mi Band app).

If so, these settings in SaA work for me (Mi Band 2):

Settings -> Sleep -> Lucid dreaming ->

  • Enabled [V]
  • Ringtone set to ‘Silent’.
  • Vibrate [V]
  • Volume set to 100%
  • Loop audio 3x

This should give:

  • NO sound from (Silent) Ringtone.
  • Vibration on Mi Band 2.
  • NO vibration on phone.

N.B. The ‘Preview’ vibrates the Mi Band 2 and the phone, but the actual lucid dreaming cue will only
vibrate the Mi Band 2.

I hope this helps.

Hi, this is a great feature.
Is there a way to get this to work in normal (non-tracking) alarm mode? Like, play “you’re dreaming” every 90 mins or a custom interval .
I use the default alarm feature and place my phone far away from my bed (as I tend to switch off/remove my phone’s battery)

Can you please update the documentation on these settings? For example, what does the sensitivity setting do? I am getting sometimes this cue when I am awake. Should I set the sensitivity higher or lower? Since it should only cue me when REM is detected, are there other settings elsewhere in the app to improve sleep phase detection? Thanks. I love the app!