Lucid dreaming: play sound during the day as well

I think it would make a great improvement in the user’s ability to have lucid dreams if the app played a sound every now and then during the day to remind us to do a reality check: “Am I dreaming now?”
So when we hear it during an REM phase we ask ourselves the same question and switch to a lucid dream. Much like the app Awoken does (very widely used but not compatible with Tizen-based smarwatches).
If we only hear it during the night we probably don’t recognise it and associate it with a certain action (a reality check) so it’s much harder to have lucid dreams.

I can you tell a better way would be to use a mini mpow bluetooth earbud or any small bluetooth ear piece and then setting awoken app to play the reminders with the “you are dreaming” soundtrack from SaA, you can get it by extracting it with solid explorer, and then make 3 copies of it and merge them together(you can use any other sound, just make sure it sounds distinct and plays in a few loops and also set SaA to play the same sound), next use the separate app sound feature and set awoken as the app and the bluetooth earbud as the audio device(it only comes with samsung phones but you can download it on apkmirror by searching it), also make sure the audio output in quick settings is set to the bluetooth device and then it will only play the reminder cues on the bluetooth ear piece, you can also set SaA to play the cues on the bluetooth earbud during the night, just make sure its not loud enough to wake you up.

Thanks for your advice, but I’d definitely prefer a simpler solution from within Sleep as Android itself.
I shouldn’t be that complicated to add that. Also Awoken doesn’t pair with smartwatches, so it won’t vibrate and that would be the main “anchor” for a reality check. In other words, the reality checks during the day would be much different than the nightly ones. So they wouldn’t work.
Besides, I don’t know what you mean by “use the separate app sound feature”, I can’t find anything like that in Sleep. So I can’t do what you said (I have a Samsung S9+)

separate app sound feature is in the sounds settings of the phone not sleep as android, right now I use a mi band 2 with notify & fitness app to vibrate several times during the day since it has a reminder feature, for reality checks. but it would be great if sleep as android added this feature as well.