Lucid dreaming and REM detection with Huawei Watch 2

Hello guys,
As a heavy user of Sleep as Android ,I would like to congratulate you for the efforts you are doing to improve the app.Great work!
I would like to bring to your attention that the app doesn`t detect REM sleep when connected with the Huawei Watch 2 wearable.So basically ,since I used the app mainly for lucid dreaming cues,its kinda obsolete.Usually I sleep with my wife and daughter and I thought that might influenced the readings but i tried also sleeping alone for one week and the readings are basically the same,REM sleeping is missing.i do the sleep monitoring also on a Vivosmart 3 garmin and on the Huawei Watch 2 app which seems to have a very good implementation of the sleep monitoring.Both of them shows REM sleep so I think it could be something that concern Huawei Watch 2 implementation on Sleep as android app.Could you be so kind to take a look into it?

I would like to bring to your attention that each time I changed my phone I had to repay the app fee.On my last phone i have the same thing,google is asking me to pay again the app.
Please could you help me with that too?

All the best,
Samson Alin