Lucid Dream option to vibrate smart watch during REM sleep

I just got my first smart watch, and I would love an option for my watch to vibrate while I’m in REM sleep which would wake me up just enough to be more conscious. This would be nice vs an alarm set for a specific time in the middle of the night requiring me to turn it off, and it wouldn’t be synced with REM sleep.

The only Lucid Dreaming option I see right now is to play audio or vibrate the phone, but I would prefer a more stealthy option which can be used so my girlfriend doesn’t hear the noise and also because we use a noise machine.

I think this option would make a great addition to the Lucid Dreaming feature.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @scottocs… many thanks for your feedback. In fact the vibrate option will vibrate your phone if no wearable is connected, but use the wearable instead if connection is established… Hope that helps…

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Hey @scottocs, did you ever find an app to do this? I’m on an iphone, but would like the same thing. Wondering if it exists, or would need to build. Thanks!