Local backups saving to /data

As of the most recent app update (20220118), I’ve noticed that /sdcard/sleep-data/sleep-export.csv and friends are no longer being written in the morning – the last sleep record was 4 days ago, the morning after the app updated. The Backup > Export data (Local storage backup) option apparently writes to /data/user/0/com.urbandroid.sleep/files/sleep-data, which is no good for getting at that data programatically – I use Termux to run scripts against the CSV file, and the private storage here would require root access to make use of.

I can see in a past changelog the introduction of a scoped storage option, is that related? It was off by default, and I’ve tried a manual backup with scoped storage both on and off, but either way it ends up in /data rather than /sdcard; I’d expect with that setting off that it should write to /sdcard?

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I have the same issue. Since /data folder is not accessible when a device isn’t rooted, as far as I know, I am not sure how we are supposed to use this backup if needed.