Light level not always recorded

Is it only me? Light level is not recorded every night; I do not touch anything, but sometimes it is not recorded.

Does anybody know why?


Hello Dario, could you please send us your application log (Report a bug from Left menu), ideally right after you get a graph without the light readings? Many thanks.

Sent now; my record was from 4 hours ago

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I only occasionally get light levels on the sleep graphs. I’ll send a report now.



True. When I push the sleep button, it turns off my bedroom Hue lights. Really, really nice feature! But doesn’t show the initial level nor the “pee light” in the middle of the night. That is almost never shown in the graph. It would be nice to know if the low level, red “pee light” affects my going right back to sleep. (Only the color bulb turns red, of course. I would like another color bulb, but each bulb is expensive.)

Sometimes it works! I will also send a bug report. I can’t do that today because when I went to bed and pushed the button, I slept the whole night though!!! :+1:

Dear Lenka, any insights yet? Do you need additional example Lois?