Light Blue line is Respiratory rate or RDI?

I am using sonar to track my sleep. I can see a light blue line which shows a number of 11-12.
I looked into the legend, it says the light blue line is respiratory rate.
But after i looked into your documentation, it says there that this light blue line is RDI index.
So does this line represent
Respiratory rate (breaths per minute) ?
RDI (respiratory disturbances per minute) ?

Hi @milindpatel63,
I think it’s likely that it’s RDI readings because breaths per minute are less likely to be that small, for most people anyway.
Hopefully you’ll get a more official answer than my assumption :grin:

I am thinking it’s respiratory rate…cause normal respiration rate for a person is 12 to 20 breaths per minute…mine is just in that range…
But if it’s RDI as per you, then i gotta worry about that…cause that means i stop breathing 11-12 times every minute…
@admins Kindly provide a clearer documentation on this pls…

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