Leverage data for somnologist, disability stats charts

My somnologist doctor is a fellow at a research hospital. I’ve been trying to get disability since 2017, severe insomnia, trying to sleep apnea with an inspire implant. I would like to provide the doctor with a td:lr or executive summary of this app and how it’s based on real science and a reasonable stand-in for long-term sleep study showing trends, averages etc.

1)Can you recommend a link or paper that you would introduce a sleep doctor? Surely their patients would benefit from home tracking.

  1. Also has anyone used data from this app to help document for disability? Any specific charts, summary, etc as examples or suggestions ?

Thank you greatly for saving my life.

Hello @Cocokola,
Do you wish to give your doctor more information about the method we use, or the app itself?
We use the “actigraphy” method, which has been proven to be reliable even for home sleep tracking. We explain more about it in our documentation in the chapter about Sleep tracking theory. The documentation has a few links to the research papers as well.
About our approach in the app, we talk also on our blog here.

If your doctor needs access to your data, you can also use SleepCloud - it is our online backup service, and you can sync all your history there. Then, you can create a read-only link for your doctor.
I don’t know about anyone using Sleep for documenting disability, but we have many users, who share their sleep data with their doctors (for general purposes, or even for monitoring sleep disorders).
If you need help, let me know at support@urbandroid.org. Thanks.

I wanted to verify if any other documents might also be helpful.
When I connect to Sleep Cloud, settings can pop up but there is only a cancel button. I don’t see how to share the data with someone else, I’ll keep searching. I thought there was an Android app to see the charts etc.? Thanks for your help

The Share button in the cloud is available in the online cloud account (at https://sleep-cloud.appspot.com/SleepCloud.html) in the top right corner.

Hmmm, my reply wasn’t saved… the get share link confused me (the three buttons). Somehow i opened the shared link which didn’t have the share button. Once i opened my link it was back . Silly user problem.

The shared link is only for reading - to protect your privacy, it cannot be shared further (so you have a full control over the access).