Letting the app pick optimal wake-up time

This would be useful in a situation when you don’t have any alarm set for the next morning. In such case the app should pick the optimal time automatically, in order to still wake up fresh and rested.
Might be based on the desired sleep amount.
Might also integrate well with automatic sleep detection for a truly “intelligent” experience, imagine not having to set up anything and still getting the most out of the app. Looks impressive to me and probably for many

Would love to see such feature added too. Specifically - an option to wake me up not at a given time, but after at least X hours since I’ve actually fallen asleep. The issue with the current functionality is that I can’t tell how long will it take me to fall asleep - sometimes it’s 5 minutes, sometimes 30+, and the longer I can’t fall asleep, the more difficult it gets, knowing that the alarm will go off after set hour, and then I’m starting to consider moving it to a later hour etc. So for those users who don’t need to wake up at a specific time, it’d be actually more useful to set the app to “wake me 7 hours since I’ve fallen asleep”, rather than “wake me up in 7 hours from now”.

I wish we could vote for more than just 5 requests ever on this board. This is definitely a great idea and I’m honestly surprised it isn’t already in the app! I just got it recently and assumed it would combine the sleep-tracking and smart-awaken functions together like that! But no? :flushed:

Even just incorporating it into what’s already there in the app would be great for so many people. And it shouldn’t even be that hard to add since all the pieces are there, they just need to be put together. :relaxed: Simply use whatever the user set as their target sleep length.

Maybe it can be listed on the Alarms panel, but rather than showing desired wake time, it instead says “Timer”, which can be saved with the desired hh:mm. Which can either be selected manually by the user when they’re ready for bed or a nap, or it can also have a checkmark next to “Automatically occur…” And the user can then select “Daily,” or certain days of the week, or specific dates the user chooses, or even “Whenever I click Start Tracking Sleep” for those of us who prefer manual tracking.

As well as an option slider that can go between “Based on actual sleep length” vs “Based on when alarm is activated.” That last pair of options is key to this request’s idea. :wink:

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