Learning during sleep!

Add the possibility to play choosen audio during the right sleep phases. As I know is it helpfull to hear audio to learn (e.g. languages) during the REM phase. But as I read is it negativ to hear it during the deep sleep phase.

So play the from the use defined audio during REM but not during deep sleep!

Information about this topic.

Hi! Thanks for your suggestion. This wouldn’t be easy to implement since we don’t really know in real time when the REM phase starts/ends, we estimate it ex-post in the morning when we know all the other data from the night.
However we do emit a Tasker event for start of the REM phase (in fact a guess of the start), but that one triggers a lot more often than the REM really happens.

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Ok, I didn’t know that.

  1. But how does it work to wake the user in his best phase?
  2. What’s this “Tasker” you talked about? How could I use it for my usage (play a audio in this guessed REM-phase)?

What would you need to track the REM phase during the sleep?
(from a smartwatch) accurate accelorometer/gyroscope, heart rate, blood oxygen concentration, …?

We don’t need REM phase to get the good moment to wake you up. Actually it is controversial whether being woken up during REM is beneficial or not.
Sleep as Android wakes you up during the light sleep phase, which we find easily by analyzing your movement.

Tasker is an Android automation app. See https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.dinglisch.android.taskerm. We support Tasker with prepared events (Sleep as Android functions as a Tasker plugin).
For some guidance, see our docs: Sleep as Android