Latest Pebble-Rebble Announcement - Very Good News!

  1. New watches turn up on Amazon regularly.

  2. Play Store Mirror Download. The Google Play Store has new rules, and Fitbit did not comply. NO PROBLEM! Here’s your store and firmware just like always:

  3. Latest happy announcement!

  4. To sign into Rebble. Pay your dues, please. It’s worth it!

Enjoy! And if any DIY solutions sound intimidating for you, go to a tech repair shop and they’ll do it for you. But the future for hardware is getting even better than that!
These are largely Pebble 2 with heart rate issues. I have 3 Pebble Time watches, so no problems. Never bought a used one.

Don’t worry; make awesome happen! And sleep well with a Pebble on your wrist. I will never abandon perfection.

P.S. – I get my heart rate from a BTLE armband instead, the Scosche Rhythm 24. Extremely accurate and works well for several nights in a row without charging. Remember to keep the contacts clean with isopropyl alcohol, and use water and a gentle soapy mix for the optical sensors. Then gently rinse with your fingers. About every couple weeks.

DO NOT IMMERSE YOUR WATCH, THOUGH. Just don’t! Nothing is actually “waterproof.” Trust me and John Cameron Swayze. LOL This is about a heart monitor.

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