Latest Pebble-Rebble Announcement - Very Good News!

  1. New watches turn up on Amazon regularly.

  2. Play Store Mirror Download. The Google Play Store has new rules, and Fitbit did not comply. NO PROBLEM! Here’s your store and firmware just like always:

  3. Latest happy announcement!

  4. To sign into Rebble. Pay your dues, please. It’s worth it!

Enjoy! And if any DIY solutions sound intimidating for you, go to a tech repair shop and they’ll do it for you. But the future for hardware is getting even better than that!
These are largely Pebble 2 with heart rate issues. I have 3 Pebble Time watches, so no problems. Never bought a used one.

Don’t worry; make awesome happen! And sleep well with a Pebble on your wrist. I will never abandon perfection.

P.S. – I get my heart rate from a BTLE armband instead, the Scosche Rhythm 24. Extremely accurate and works well for several nights in a row without charging. Remember to keep the contacts clean with isopropyl alcohol, and use water and a gentle soapy mix for the optical sensors. Then gently rinse with your fingers. About every couple weeks.

DO NOT IMMERSE YOUR WATCH, THOUGH. Just don’t! Nothing is actually “waterproof.” Trust me and John Cameron Swayze. LOL This is about a heart monitor.

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Spring 2020 (Lockdown Time, historically) Pebble UPDATE:
NEW Pebble Times and Time Steels (and even a couple of NEW 14" band Time Rounds!) available from Amazon!

As with all Pebbles, they can be customized to look as rugged or dainty as you wish. (Although the Time Round with 14" band is designed to be women-specific, you can ruggedize it, I suppose.)

New (April 13, 2020) blog post with more good news!

Google Play Pebble—Rebble Helper App, especially for new watches:

Just follow those instructions to install the Rebble/Pebble OS/appstore on your phone, and then, in “apps” in the Pebble Store, search for “Sleep As Android” and install the watch companion app on your phone.

Yes! In 2020!!! You won’t find a better wearable for Sleep As Android.

And if you are a developer, do read the blog posts carefully because access to development for Pebble/Rebble has returned! (They still have more work to do on this front, but it’s accessible again!) If you want to know just HOW up-to-date the development space is, check out THIS app! Hand Wash Timer

As for new hardware, not yet, but hardware specialists have been working very hard on that front. If you need to change your battery, go to Pebble Junkies on Facebook for assistance. People are now able to get and install new batteries!!!

Pebbles are the little watches that could!!! Someone really should make a movie about this. The watch loved so much that it wasn’t allowed to die! “It’s alive! It’s alive!”
It’s Alive

Will be back at this space when more news appears.

More good news!
Introducing, in September, 2020, “Rebble Grants”! The indefatigable Rebble crew keep on being the best “little watches that could.” You can still buy new Pebble Times and Time Steels, etc., on eBay. Refurbished is also an option, but one I haven’t tried. Yet. But meanwhile, the Rebble crew has accrued $25,000 in grant money from us loyalists who’ve paid our annual dues ($33) to fund dictation services, weather, and the revived version of what used to be Cloud Pebble for developers. The development environment, as demonstrated above with brand new apps that are COVID themed to indicate they are 2020 apps, is open for your needs! If Sleep As Android needs to drop an updated watch app (although it’s fine just like it is), they can.

Additionally, they are working on a replacement store, with the latest features and offerings. I think they’ll call it the Rebble Store.

It’s still the most reliable wearable for SaA actigraphy with superb battery life.

New hardwear is still only available to repair certain things such as the Pebble 2 buttons, which were not robust. They can be easily replaced by 3D printed buttons. If you need some, check out Pebble Junkies on Facebook. They’ll help you out.

At some point, it is hoped that genuine new hardware could be on the horizon, but not just yet. Here’s the link to the Sep 2020 official Rebble blog update about the availabile grant money. If you’re a developer, make a request if you have a good idea.

I love my Pebble Times! If you want a new one, they are available on the 'net. Every so often, Amazon has some new ones and also refurbished ones. But if not there, check out eBay.

About to push my sleep button. Make amazing happen. Be a Rebble!

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Lots of greetings! Great news indeed, I started to follow the Rebble Slack some time ago… I’m really hoping in some new hardware one day!

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It can happen! It’s astonishing what they’ve done so far. I am hoping. :+1::smiley:

All the best from California,
Past my bedtime,