Late February update issues

I tried commenting on the blog post here, in two different browsers and multiple tries, but apparently it never went through anywhere. This is not a bug, or a feature request, just some feedback that doesn’t feel urgent enough to warrant an email.

I appreciate the design changes with this update, but I had to roll back to a previous version due to how the tag list on entries behaves with this version. Instead of staying put where I’ve scrolled the list to, it resets position back to the start with each tag added to the entry, so I have to keep re-scrolling repeatedly. It also feels like I’m seeing a lot of extra info that I don’t necessarily need, like the bar and line graphs together. I’m sure lots of people need that sort of finely tuned data, but I don’t; I forgot to check in the personalization if parts of it can be bumped to the bottom, or removed entirely.

Hi @somnomania, which version of Sleep do you have? This reset of the tag list position should be fixed in 20240325 (standard release) or 20240326 (BETA).

According to the release notes, I have version 20240220 (230369) Premium. I even rebooted my phone after updating to check, and the Play store has no further updates available for me.

Hi, You are right, seems like Google still has not published the release and is still validating it.
The BETA is published, though. The current version is 20240327.