Kokoon EEG Integration

Please support the Kokoon EEG
The Kokoon Headphone uses EEG Sensors to monitor Brainwaves.
I would expect you can identify the different sleep cycles by EEG and rate the quality of sleep.
This feature is also very interesting for the mindroid app…
Regards Oliver

I’ll second this. I’m trying weasel a pre-release SDK/API. If I can manage that, I’ll take a stab at writing the integration… but I’ll post here, first :slight_smile:


I was really excited about this. Until I saw the price. In US dollars: $319.99.

Just a caveat. I’m sure some will need this for various sleep disorders and suchlike

i have the kokoon, too and would be excited to see sleep as android integration. i think the eeg does perfect sleep detection but its app doesn’t have smart wakeup, so why reinvent the wheel?

Because this particular wheel needs to work with Sleep As Android as another body sensor. I think they’re considering redesigning the Sleep Mask to pickup REM, which would be great. A tiny low-resolution camera could do that. And EEG sensing would make the app a genuine sleep lab at home! (Well, apnea screening is another area, but they already have several ways to do that.) Also, if a new mask had Bluetooth sleep headphones near the ear, you could also get the lullaby feature much easier than it is now. I am considering buying a different sleep headphone/mask because the volume on mine is very hard to hear. And it’s already easy to pick up heart rate.

But, truly, the Holy Grail is EEG. And it would need to be integrated into the app, not working with 3rd party software. Then you’d get the smart alarm. And for many, the price of it is prohibitive. We’ll see what the future brings.

I’m really considering buying these headphones but really want it to work with all three great work you have done.

Any update on if this will happen?