Keep on playing spotify after alarm

From Max Behrendt on 2016/02/08 10:35:33 +0000

Many thanks for the spotify alarm option!
When it works (most of the time it plays a normal beeping alarm instead, why is that ?) and I turn off the alarm and complete the capcha I would like to have the option “turn off music? Yes /no”. For the moment is sad to turn off the alarm with that abrupt end to the music.
I guess I could just leave the alarm on and let it keep on playing the music but like that the volume goes up to an unpleasant maximum and I guess after (time set for alarm off) it’ll turn off?

I’m also missing the flashlight alarm option you had before? It worked perfectly for me and was good in environments like the library, classrooms and meetings.

Copied from original feature request:

This would be very nice to be implemented! I always get frustrated having to cut a song to dismiss the alarm. The alternative would be to set a fixed volume (rather than increasing), but then I would be woken up very abruptly to high volume music.

@renyhp Alternatively you can set gentle volume increase to 30s… this option will not get to max volume but increase is capped by your system volume alarm stream setting… and it has a 30s rump up to not be woken up abruptly… did that help?

Unfortunately that’s not the solution to the original problem of keeping spotify playing.

The gentle volume increase in 30s is exactly what I am currently using, but usually I put a high volume as target, so that I am sure at some point the volume does get high enough to wake me up. But then, once I’m up, I usually want to turn the volume down a little bit, and keep spotify playing at a constant volume.