Just got a samsung gear fit 2 pro sleep tracking stops after an hour or so

Finally got a fitness tracker, almost exclusively for the sleep tracking feature (got it for 80% off). It’s a nice little device, but the sleep as android integration doesn’t seem to be working. It works fine for the first hour or so, then it goes blank for the majority of the night, and eventually starts again the last hour or so of sleep. The sleeping tracks fine all night in the samsung health app. It’s been 2 nights so far, I’ve tried a few changes.

I have the watch face installed and the app permissions set properly. I recently turned off battery optimization I’m hoping that does the trick. Anybody experience this?

Haven’t checked this forever no response but I guess I’ll bump and try again.

I got my tracking to work but it’s just so inconsistent. Some nights it works the whole night heart rate and all, then the next it’ll do the same issue before where it’ll work the first hour or two then just flatline. Any ideas?

Hi, sorry for late reply.

This seems like a battery optimization issue. When there is no battery optimization issue present, the integration works for the whole night. Could you please send me a wearable log (menu > send wearable report) after a night when it doesn’t work again?

Thanks a lot