It's is incredible

It is incredible I slept with my O2 ring on, all synced for that many hours and this is all it recorded? Are you serious?

Hello Vako, either the ring stopped sending the data, or the whole tracking process got killed by your system. You need to disable all kinds of system restrictions on your phone for the Sleep app, the addon, and Bluetooth. Also check, if there are no system-wide restrictions like Adaptive Battery. Check on to prevent your system from killing background tasks when the phone is not actively used.

No, it doesn’t make sense. I have it with sonar, ring is 100% charged it gets “some” info still not getting the AHI results. Does the app even provides it or not?

The Sleep app was apparently running the whole time during this tracking (the sound is analyzed untill the end). The only data with gaps are HR and SpO2 from the ring. The app always shows every data it has, so if there are gaps, the data is missing.
So either the ring stopped sending the data, or the connection was lost.
Have you followed the
The battery level has very little to do with system restrictions, or with lost connection.

If the ring stops sending the data, the app cannot “make it up”. So if the external device does not send data, you may have gaps in the sensor data on the graph.

The app can measure breath rate or SpO2 level (depending on the data provided). It shows ODI/RDI.

All adaptive battery stuff etc al is off. It’s on unrestricted mode. Everything is as it should be. I need a simple answer,does it measure AHI or is it not an option?

Are you using a smartwatch with Sleep as Android? I use An Amazfit Bip Pro3 with a Google Pixel 4a phone and the ring. I have found recently that if the ring and watch are on the same hand, one or the other is likely to lose connection to the phone during the night. Wearing the ring on the opposite hand/arm from the watch seems to have solved this.

Just the ring no watch whatsoever. I don’t understand what’s so hard for Lenka to understand. I’m asking a simple question does SAA tracks AHI or not? 🤦

Hello Vako, I already answered your question, maybe it got lost since it is at the end of my reply.

The app calculates ODI/RDI, not AHI.

All three metrics calculate the number of episodes per hour.

Everything is as it should be for Sleep app, as it seems to be running the whole time. But either the addon for the ring, or the BT is not working the whole time, if there are gaps in the data.
If there are no restrictions, that could terminate the addon, or the BT, there must be another reason, why the addon suddenly stopped data.