It stopped recording in middle of night


I’ve put the phone on my bed as usual, but it stopped recording at 4am.
I woke up at 8:15am when my alarm clock was set…

How can I manually add the missing sleep time ?

And why did it do that ? I haven’t changed anything in the parameters

Hi, if the recording stops abruptly, please check, and make sure the app is excluded from all system restrictions, and is allowed to run in the background.

For adding the missing sleep, you can either use manual input (the “+ Add Sleep” button on the shortcut card), or you can use Sleep time estimation feature (Settings > Sleep tracking > Sleep time estimation).

Thank you, I’ve been able to add the missing time
The app is allowed in background, I hope it won’t happen too often.

Manually started tracking ends only manually, or with an alarm. If the tracking stopped without your interaction, it was terminated by some system restriction. Most phones have multiple system restrictions hidden all over the place and under different names.