Issue regarding automatic sleep tracking + watch app

Hello everyone,

I have been using automatic sleep tracking for months, and due to my Non-24 condition, I was used in seeing SaA trying to start sleep tracking while I was working at 5am and the phone was on it’s wireless charger :smiley: That seems annoying at first, but it was an indication that automatic tracking was working.

Now, for the past weeks (or more) I rarely see this, if ever. What’s also weird is that even though SaA on my phone never fires up automatically, when I look at my watch (Fossil Gen 5/Wear OS) I see it’s tracking! Without the phone app even being open, when I open it it’s on the menu page, nothing looks like the phone app is tracking.

I tried reinstalling both apps (phone/watch) and I continue seeing the same behaviour. Google Fit option is turned on on auto sleep tracking. My question is, is there any way to “reset” the automatic sleep tracking parameters? Because my sleep is free-running, I assume the app now believes that I’m awake 24/7 so it doesn’t initiate automatic tracking even with alarms set.

Also, will providing logs through the phone app indicate what is happening with the watch app starting to track on it’s own?

Thank you!

Update: did a fresh install/wipe data on both phone and android apps and the watch situation is fixed. Still not seeing random sleep tracking starting though

Update: automatic sleep tracking also works now. Granted, it took an hour to start tracking after I fell asleep (slept around 8am, and SaA tracked from 9am) and for some reason it stopped tracking around 3pm (I woke up at 5:30pm) even though I hadn’t set up an alarm. Any way to reset it so it can start learning from my sleep schedule from scratch? :blush: