Is Zombie Walk scary?

I know, dumb question, but the naming and design alone makes me feel nervous.

I know that, just like other CAPTCHA features, it runs on a minute timer and has a Zombie design, and I only tested it on the case scenario that I’d walk the established meters, but I’m afraid to experiment what would happen if I don’t do it. I fear I might get a jump scare or something similar, and I despise jump scares, in all honesty.

Is it too much to ask for an answer on this?

Hello, in fact this was supposed to be more funny than scary. For instance by walk in the morning resembles a zombie walk :)… no scary movies if fail to walk :)…


Man, the relief! :relieved:

I think I can definitely consider using the multi-CAPTCHA modes by now :joy:

Huge thanks for the information, anyways! :grin:

I find it funny and a prompt, and I love the feature. All it shows is the zombie picture tilting back and forth a bit. In the morning I get up, extend my arms, and do the zombie shuffle (mumbling “brains…” optional). Easier to get up when playing along with the joke!

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