Is the app compatible with the Huawei Health APP and the Huawei Band 6?

Is there any compatibility with Huawei Health APP, Huawei Band 6 and Yeelight Google Assistant light bulbs?
Could you implement it?

I would also like this integrated. My Smart Watch was purchased through Amazon and is listed as a HYSTORM G98. It appears to be the same as the user above posted. My interface app is called H Band on Google Play Apps.

Is integration with the G98 under way? If not I’d like to request integration.

Hello @JLH820, sorry about that, the app supports Google Fit, Health Connect and Samsung Health, but we do not have any plans to integrate Huawei Health especially because any experience with Huawei tech is mostly terrible. If Huawei will talk to Health Connect and if Huawei will keep Health Connect on their ohones - I know this is a lot of IFs :)… then theoretically this could work… Regarding Wearables we have integration with nearly every wearable on the market whcih has some open API, but this is not the case for Huawei wearables…