Is Fitbit Web API enough?

Could the Fitbit Web API be used to add support for devices other than Versa/Ionic?

I don’t know if the endpoints available are enough to fit your needs. If they are not, I’d like to know what exactly you need. I’m currently looking for my next fitness band (the 2 strongest candidates are Charge 4 and Mi band 5) and I want to know which kind of support Sleep as Android will be able to offer for these devices.

No this API serves already computed sleep stages - the core of what Sleep as Android does is that it computes sleep stages in its own way from raw sensor data. But the web API doesn’t give out raw sensor data.
If you want to have the data from this Fitbit web API in Sleep, this is already possible, you can sync them to Sleep via Google Fit (Fitbit > Fit > Sleep - at least I think, I didn’t try it actually but have this reported from users) but then there’s not much point in doing so - you already have the sleep stages computed in your Fitbit app. We might show more charts if you import the data to Sleep but that’s it.

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Thank you for your explanation. :slight_smile: This thread could be closed.

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