"Invert Light" "Low Light"? Sleep phaser app

Iv had my sleep phaser for a long time and once in a while I’ll open the sleep phaser control app. But everytime I just get confused and end up Googleing for answers and remember there is none…

Im really curious what the buttons in the app actually do. I can turn on the light, change colors sure, but those other buttons below, what are they what do they do??

Hello, I will try to answer your question.

“Invert Light” - it works only for V1 and V2 versions and it was due to different wiring in these series. It is not used for V3.

“Low Light” - many customers have complained that they only want a low-intensity light at night and don’t want to skip all three levels. Therefore when you set “Low light” there is only the lowest level of light.