Intro page keeps popping back up

Detailed description of the problem:
I reset my phone recently and opened Sleep to restore from backup. But, after pressing back to exit the intro screen it reopens every second. I shouldn’t have to go through the introduction screen to restore my backup, I already know how the app works.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Reset app
  2. Open app
  3. Try to exit the intro screen

Version of Sleep as Android:

Hello @parkedraccoon … many thanks for reporting the problem… the workaround is ttap on next few times to get through the tutorial… Normally this should not happen if you use Android backup as the data of the app get restored automatically…

In your case what backup are you using? If you use a backup file you shoudl be able to simply open it with Sleep as Android and thus skip the tutorial…

If you use SleepCloud backup… Just open the backup app from Settings > Apps > Sleep Cloud Backup > Open and tap on menu > Download…

All those paths allow you to skip the tutorial…

Did that help?

I was using the manual zip backup. Are you suggesting opening the zip file from an external file browser and opening with Sleep as android? In order to access the menu to import the backup I had to escape the tutorial. If I just pressed back with the tutorial open it would come back after a second or two. The only way I was able to do this was to go through the tutorial.

For some reason Android/Google backup is not working with my phone so my previous settings did not auto import.

Exactly, please just open the file with an external browser and say Open with: Sleep as Android…