Intent API - Sleep as Android

Lullaby start Start a Service with package com.urbandroid.sleep and class EXTRA: extra_lullaby = “lullaby name”… Lullaby names: NONE, WHALE, STORM, STREAM, CAVE, FIREPLACE, SEA, WIND, CLOCK, TIBER, NIGHT, FROGS, HORSE, SHEEP, CHIMES, OM, BELLS, FLUTE, PIANO, CAT, TRAIN, MARCH, MUSICBOX, BABY, GIRL, SUB, NASA, LAVA, JUNGLE, TIBET, BABY, SCIFI, CHOR, BREATH…

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When I broadcast the intent “com.urbandroid.sleep.REQUEST_SYNC” from my app, I get the error in the logcat: W/BroadcastQueue: Background execution not allowed: receiving Intent { act=com.urbandroid.sleep.REQUEST_SYNC flg=0x10 } to com.urbandroid.sleep/.service.sync.RequestSyncReceiver

This is in Android 9 Samsung note 8 phone. May I know if there is any recommended parameters to set along with the intent?

– Abhirup