Intent API - Sleep as Android

Lullaby start Start a Service with package com.urbandroid.sleep and class EXTRA: extra_lullaby = “lullaby name”… Lullaby names: NONE, WHALE, STORM, STREAM, CAVE, FIREPLACE, SEA, WIND, CLOCK, TIBER, NIGHT, FROGS, HORSE, SHEEP, CHIMES, OM, BELLS, FLUTE, PIANO, CAT, TRAIN, MARCH, MUSICBOX, BABY, GIRL, SUB, NASA, LAVA, JUNGLE, TIBET, BABY, SCIFI, CHOR, BREATH…

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When I broadcast the intent “com.urbandroid.sleep.REQUEST_SYNC” from my app, I get the error in the logcat: W/BroadcastQueue: Background execution not allowed: receiving Intent { act=com.urbandroid.sleep.REQUEST_SYNC flg=0x10 } to com.urbandroid.sleep/.service.sync.RequestSyncReceiver

This is in Android 9 Samsung note 8 phone. May I know if there is any recommended parameters to set along with the intent?

– Abhirup

Is there any chance we can get an intent that clears all alarms, or even just disabled alarms… because sometimes you want to create an alarm with no other alarms there?

I find it strange that the google intent API doesn’t have it… you (kinda) have it but I think it needs to go one step further. it is possible to do it manually, but I’d like to create a script that does it automatically.

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Hi, would it be possible to get an intent action that sets an alarm with the time passed on as extra parameters? Apparently it’s something you can do with the default google clock app but not SAA. Thanks a lot.