Integration with SleepyHead - Open Source CPAP Research and Software Review

From Marek Szewczyk on 2017/08/06 09:59:14 +0000

I want the doctor to choose the dose of medication,
but it has no access to commercial databases ResMed autoCAP.

It would be useful to exchange two-way data eg via >> CONNECT << is a super local application, but SleepCloud, along with Google dedicated to measuring sleep, allows the doctor at any time to check sleep parameters.

It seems to me that other people with rehabilitation sleep apnea may have a similar problem, ie another doctor supervises CAP and another medication for co-morbidities.

Copied from original feature request:

Old request, i know, but this would be very very nice, i could have all my sleep data in one spot.

Although it’s called ‘Oscar’ now: OSCAR - Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter