Integration with new Google Fit

Are you planning on adding sleep quality (sleep phases) sync to Google Fit, now that it is supported in their platform?


Hello, sure in fact it has always been there, we have been sending those data from the beginning, but Google Fit did not display them… but I can confirm that I see my sleep phases from Sleep as Android in Google Fit with the latest version of their client…

This is not the case for me.

We have notices that there is some post processing, so first when we sync we only see the duration of sleep but after few hours we get the sleep phases data to show up in the Fit app…hard to say what is going on, we have reported this to Google Fit team and waiting for response… also theer is a massive rewrite in Fit - tehy changes the APIs immensively, so we are no testing a lot with the new APIs which which we are going to release to the next BETA soon…


I will wait for the sync to finish and for the next beta. Congratulations for your work!

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