Integration with Garmin Connect sleep data

From Chris Archibald on 2015/09/30 01:56:11 +0000

Also a control widget for Garmin watches.

Copied from original feature request:

From Anonymous on 2017/02/15 00:24:38 +0000

Ive just tried Sleep as Droids implementation with Garmin. It doesnt seem like it will simply synch the Garmin Connect data with itself, but asks Garmin watch owners to load a new ConnectIQ app for interfacing with Sleep as Droid? Meh, too klunky in my opinion. YOu cant just extract the Garmin sleep data?

Is this thread still “open”? I bought a Garmin vivosmart 4 without checking here first (expensive mistake) - is connecting with Garmin Connect a possibility? I’d love to have the extra data from the wearable within Sleep as Android, but I know Garmin doesn’t give access to the sensors for 3rd party. Curious if any sort of “data share” is in the works or on the roadmap.

Regardless, THANK YOU for all of your hard work. This app is amazing and I appreciate it so much.

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:point_up:These exact things. I use SaA every night. It’s just difficult to find a decent sleep pulse oximeter that is compatible. I had high hopes for the Vivosmart 4 and while the data is helpful and the interface slick, it has nowhere near the compatibility of the MiFit. Maybe time will tell. Thanks for your work!