Integration w/ YT Music

I’m currently migrating to YouTube Music, and the only reason why I’m still paying Spotify is to use it at the app. I’d love to know if one of day it’ll be possible… Btw: I’ll never regret paying the Premium :slight_smile: The way this app helped me with my sleep routine is unbelievable!

Well, you can actually use this app with a Spotify free account and use Spotify as alarm.

Hello, we have tested if YT Music would support similar intents like Play Music so that we could intgerate it, but unfortunately at the moment we do not know how to integrate it with SaA… so yes, Spotify…

Hi any updates to this after 2 years?

I assume some tech would have changed.
I really don’t want to sign up to a new service just to use this feature.

@utkarsh I do not see YT Music would have any API which woudl allow this :(… sorry